What is Window Tinting?

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What is Window Tinting?

It is a process where a thin, transparent sheet of film is applied to a vehicle or building’s window to reduce radiation and heat from the sun, it can also add a nice style to the visual look of a car. With a thickness ranging from 0.001 to 0.004 inches (0.0025 to 0.0102 cm), window films are made from a variety of adhesives which can protect a vehicle in many different ways.

Decreasing the amount of ultraviolet (UV window film) radiation and heat that enters a vehicle can be quite beneficial, it also:

  • Adds life to a vehicle’s interior
  • Reduces and prevents wear of certain fabrics.
  • Reducing the amount of heat that enters the car
  • Air conditioning works faster
  • Window Protection
  • Protects from Sun Glare

It also adds security and privacy for the drivers and passengers travelling in the car. It also deters and makes it difficult for potential burgulars by making it hard to view valuable possessions within the car, while also hiding passengers, very common in limousines and executive cars.


How to tint a Window?:

Currently, there are three popular ways in which an individual can get this done. The most popular choice is using a window film. It’s simple and inexpensive, the thin window film that is applied to window glass comes in a variety of styles such as flat, metallic and mirrored. Many car experts say that this process window is also a benefit by helping to prevent glass from shattering in vehicle accidents.

Another type is OEM shaded glass. Instead of applying a thin window film to the window pane, the glass is made with a colouring added to it. OEM typically has a lighter tint than other options. Additionally, it is rather expensive to replace.

The third type of tint is coated which applies a unique solution to the surface of a glass window. Often used in the form of a spray, this variation is the hardest way to apply it to a window. It is a difficult application process that should be accomplished by experts.

Different strength Levels:

How to place an order?

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Phil BrowneWhat is Window Tinting?

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