Is Car Wrapping Worth It?

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Is Car Wrapping Worth It?

Research has found that wraps can reach upwards of 70,000 people in just one day. Due to its audience reach, car wrapping offers the lowest cost per impression, ultimately resulting in an exceptionally high return on investment (ROI). So you tell us, are car wraps worth it? TINT IT are the best company for car wrapping in Dublin.

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Make a Great First Impression

Wrapping allows businesses to make a great first impression in a very creative and customizable way, with very few limitations. 70% of consumers use a company based on how attractive their vehicles are by first impressions. It is incredibly beneficial to take advantage of the opportunity to be unique and mesmerizing with a fresh design so that consumers remember and, in turn, choose your brand.

Therefore, creating the most appealing representation of your company with wrapping is essential to lure in consumers. If not designed internally, experienced graphic designers understand how to customize a wrap design based on the make and model of a vehicle, and know how to effectively communicate your company’s message.



Increased Brand Recognition

Other studies have also found that design wrapping increases brand recognition 15 times more than any other form of advertising. These rolling advertisements are therefore effective for non-profit organizations and charity advocates wanting to spread their message, in addition to businesses looking to ramp up sales.

In addition to being cost-effective, they are extremely time-effective and they can last for 7-10 years with little maintenance, although it is recommended that they be removed every four years—enough time to create updated wraps with fresh designs or promotions to captivate the community once again.

At the end of the day, marketing professionals typically ask themselves, is this marketing effort worth the investment? From raising brand awareness through daily impressions to maximizing ROI, unique wrapped designs offers many benefits to businesses of any industry answering the question, “Are car wraps worth it?” After analyzing research from OAAA and 3M, we have come to conclusion that it is absolutely worth the initial investment.

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Phil BrowneIs Car Wrapping Worth It?

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